Voices: Making Tactics Approachable

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Posted by Joel on 3 April 2024

In this episode, Joel Beardshaw (Desta: The Memories Between), highlights the key aspects that went into taking a complex genre like tactics and making it approachable for all.

Joel first debuted this great talk at Develop: 2023, before Desta: The Memories Between went onto nab Best Mobile Game at the Develop:Star Awards.

In it, he discusses:

His journey through the industry

Desta: The Memories Between & ustwo games: 2:45

Assessing the Genre of Turn Based Tactics: 12:30

Game Pillars: 16:00

Gameplay Example: 21:59

Takeaways 25:54

Fall into the dreamscape in Desta: The Memories Between. Relive memories, rediscover friends and repair relationships in this tactical turn-based adventure through surreal worlds and complex conversations.

Play Desta: The Memories Between today:

Desta: The Memories Between

Fall into a beautiful and puzzling dreamworld. Find your friends, unlock spectacular abilities and overcome the odds in a surreal tactical dodgeball adventure to uncover the mysteries of a broken world...

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