Together, we 
have planted One Million Trees with Alba: A Wildlife Adventure!

Thanks to our Players, we have been able to reach our goal of planting 1,000,000 trees in Alba’s Forest

Posted by Jamie, Danny & Maria on 2 December 2021

Together, we have made a difference!

It’s been one whole year since we launched our most nature loving title, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. With the support of our players and communities, we made a promise to plant a tree for every copy of the game that landed in the hands of our players.

One year on, we are super excited to announce that today — together! — we have reached our goal of planting One Million Trees in Alba’s Forest.

Planting 1 Million trees in the world, to help restore natural habitats and absorb carbon from the atmosphere — that is a HUGE achievement! 1 MILLION TREES! Can you even imagine a forest that big? (We bet it’s beautiful ….)

We’ll continue on this journey and see just how big a difference we can make.


Time to celebrate

So — to celebrate this, frankly, enormous achievement, we wanted to shout out the brilliant folks who have contributed along the way, (believe us, we haven’t done this alone!). Our warmest gratitude goes to….

…Our Players! Thanks to you, through your commitment of playing Alba and taking action, we have been able to plant a tree in the world with your name on it! (NB: we mean that only as a figure of speech…) Congratulations!

….Our Partners! We work with some pretty cool companies, with caring people who share our mission to make a difference! First we want to shout out to our friends at Apple Arcade, who helped us bring Alba to market (to you!) and who supported us along the way. Also, to our publishing partner, PID Games — who have been super generous in helping us fund this project! And finally, to Ecologi — where the magic happens! the platform through which your trees are planted — check out what 1 Million Trees looks like at

Who knows just how big Alba’s Forest will get? We are not ready to stop it growing yet!

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a sunny open-world exploration game about the nature, community and how small actions can make a big difference. Released in December 2020 — Alba has been recognised for its commitment to social impact, and promoting environmental themes by winning the 2021 Apple Design Award for Social Impact and the Games 4 Change Biggest Impact & Game of the Year Awards.

Alba’s Forest supports forest reforestation projects in Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua which are run by the non-profit Eden Reforestation Projects.


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